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Established in the local area for over 30 years, Mid-Surrey Tree Surgeons are widely renowned in towns across the county, including East Horsley, as a professional and trusted tree surgeon. We provide a wide variety of tree surgery services, including tree removal and stump grinding, all to the highest standard of quality.


We take the term “tree surgeon” seriously, and here you can find out more about some of the tell-tale signs your tree may be sick or dying. If you can identify any of these issues, please call us on 0845 371 0180 for your obligation-free quote for tree surgery.



How to Tell If Your Tree is Unhealthy


Bare Branches


A key warning sign trees are in ill-health are bare branches, especially at a time of year that they should be in full bloom. On deceased branches of East Horsley’s deciduous trees, dead leaves will cling to the branch well into winter, instead of dropping to the ground as they would from a healthier tree.


Dead or unhealthy branches represent a health risk to the rest of the tree, which may still be fine. If you see these symptoms occurring at your East Horsley property, your best option is to contact a tree surgeon such as those at Mid-Surrey. We can perform branch removal, crown reduction and crown thinning to cull bare branches, breathing new life into an otherwise healthy tree.


Trunk Damage


If there are large vertical cracks in the trunk of your tree, help should be sought sooner rather than later. Severe trunk damage can greatly affect the likelihood of a tree surviving at your East Horsley property. In addition to any cracks or seams on the trunk, you should be looking at a tree’s bark, or lack thereof. When a tree ages, old bark should fall off on its own and eventually be replaced by a new layer of bark if the tree remains healthy.


If new bark doesn’t appear and areas of smooth wood remain, this can be an indicator your East Horsley garden is in dire need of tree surgery. Following assessment by a qualified Mid-Surrey tree surgeon, it may be judged that your tree is unfortunately beyond saving. Our tree removal team will carry out their task with a technique suited to the conditions of the area. We are highly experienced in both sectional and directional tree removals.


Damaged Roots


Roots can run very deep underground, and it’s difficult to determine damage to them as large parts are not visible. Excavation and construction nearby in East Horsley, exposure to extreme weathering and poor soil compaction are all things that can affect roots’ vitality. Two signs of root damage are a noticeable lean and epicormic shoots, which are small branches emanating from the base of a tree.


A tree surgeon can do their best to resolve these issues, but it can be difficult to fix a tree with problems at the bottom, as they tend to spread quickly upwards. Tree surgery can be performed on issues with roots, but if tree removal is determined to be the best course of action, we have the stump grinding machinery to cope with the thickest, deepest roots. Stump grinding breaks the roots down into an environmentally-friendly mulch, and stops rot spreading elsewhere in your East Horsley garden.


Fungus & Location


Some other signs to watch out for include fungus growing on a tree, and a change of a tree’s surroundings. Large fungal growth on a branch or trunk can indicate your tree has internal rot, and wood surrounding the infected part may be dead or dying.


Tree surgery experts have also found that a large construction project such as garden landscaping or building an extension to your East Horsley home may affect a tree’s health. Effects of new obstructions or opened space include increased (or decreased) exposure to sun, wind and water, which can be detrimental to their health. If you spot fungus or your trees have experienced a change in environment, you are best advised to contact a tree surgeon.


Why Are Dead or Dying Trees a Problem?


  • Dead branches can fall without warning, potentially causing serious damage
  • Disease can spread to other trees, especially with improper stump grinding
  • Dead trees also attract pests such as termites and rats, and insect infestations
  • Dying, leaning trees may unexpectedly fall on power lines, cars and pedestrians
  • Dead trees are unattractive in commercial and residential properties



If you suspect a tree at your East Horsley property is in ill-health, call your local tree surgery experts at Mid-Surrey Tree Surgeons on 0845 371 0180.

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