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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Woking


At Mid Surrey Tree Surgery Contractors Ltd, we’ve built a strong reputation across the county thanks to the care and attention we put into our tree surgery services. This reputation has spread into nearby Woking where we undertake tree removal and stump grinding projects for our valued portfolio of domestic and commercial clients.


Tree removal and stump grinding are key service areas for any tree surgeon. This page explains both processes in detail so that property and landowners in Woking will have a clear idea of what to expect from us. There are two different tree surgery methods we use on removal projects. The system used will be decided on by the amount of space available.


Directional Tree Removal


This is a more traditional type of tree removal that you may be familiar with from films and television shows. A directional fall can look very dramatic and this is why many of our Woking clients are familiar with the process. We use directional tree removal on land where space is available to accommodate the fall without causing damage to property.


A cut is made in the tree so that it falls in a certain direction but your tree surgeon will also have to take other things into consideration such as wind speeds and direction. Prior to directional tree removal projects in Woking, we also study the area where the tree will land. This ensures this particular type of tree surgery doesn’t harm other trees or plants.


Sectional Tree Removal


Often referred to as sectional dismantling, this type of tree removal work is highly controlled and used on projects in the Woking area where directional felling could cause damage to a property or harm to the public. Every tree surgeon working for our team receives the required training to use specialist sectional dismantling equipment.


Cutting equipment, ropes and harnesses are used to dismantle in sections with this type of tree surgery. Working from the top of the tree to the bottom, we begin by removing the largest, heaviest or most dangerous limbs. Tree removal continues in a controlled manner until we are left with a stump remnant that can also be eliminated.


Stump Grinding


Stump remnants can become a breeding ground for harmful pests that spread throughout woodland to infect healthy trees. If you have used a tree surgeon for a removal project in Woking at a domestic property, there may be young children in the home who could trip over the tree remnants while playing outside. Stump grinding can eliminate these problems.


We use specialist stump grinding machinery that reduces the remnants until they sit below the ground. With the addition of an ethical treatment, the stump breaks down to a mulch which can be used as a sustainable gardening material. Stump grinding is highly suitable for land in Woking where building development or landscaping work is scheduled.


To discuss tree removal and stump grinding work in Woking with a qualified tree surgeon, call us now on (0845) 371 0180.

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